Milo, the Dog.

Raising Milo is like taking care of a toddler that bites. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is the best dog in the entire world, but there is definitely room for improvement. Milo’s favorite things are lizards, other dogs, getting on our dining room table, flaxseed muffins, and his Mimi and Papa. He also enjoys helping me with my studying. He is doing real well in pharmacology but he is struggling a little bit with pathology. It may be because his version of studying is eating the highlighters. Speaking of highlighters, the other day I highlighted his toe nails blue, it was adorable!

Yesterday he got into our bathroom and ran out, happy as a clam, with one of my headbands. My friends will tell you that I’m not very good at disciplining my dog. It’s because he looks so darn proud of himself when he gets something he isn’t supposed to have that I find it hard to burst his bubble! His little tail wags and his booty wiggles and he skips off like the happiest puppy ever! It’s hard to take away his pride.

So I was kind of mad that he had my headband, but too lazy to chase after him. It was an old one. Maybe it would keep him occupied for awhile. When I went down the stairs, boy was I surprised! He didn’t want to destroy it! He just wanted to keep the fur out of his eyes! Good thing I didn’t fuss at him.

Looking Fly

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