The G-word

In medical school we have a dirty word. It may not be a dirty world out there in the normal world but in our microcosm of over-achievers it is a label that you do not want. I’m talking about “gunner”.  A “gunner” is the stereotypical student who studies 21 hours a day and likes to tell you about it. They think they are better than you because they can stay up for 3 days straight, high on redbull, and learn every word, diagram, and gramatical mistake in our syllabi. Though intimidating, they do have entertainment value. For example, some of their facebook posts are hilarious and they do offer some relief that you, in fact, have a little bit of a social life.

I am the opposite of a gunner. Let’s call me a funner! And again maybe not fun by the “normal world” standards but I do like to think I keep a healthy balance between school and keeping up with TLC and Bravo. In a competition between Honey Boo Boo and genetics, we know which one wins. You better “redneckognize”!

I also really like to talk about Milo. Yesterday we went to a retention pond by our house that sometimes doubles as a doggie play park. There were 8 dogs there and Milo potentially had the best half-hour of his life! I think he might be a sheep-dog at heart because he starting hearding the other dogs around the field. Including a few 8 times his size. He was also getting kinda inappropriate with a french bulldog named Zach. I’m going to have to teach him about boundaries soon. No one likes doggie molestation!

Worn out!

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