Med School Makes you Paranoid

If you are not currently a hypochondriac, and would like to become one, apply to medical school. And trust me, the paranoia isn’t confined to just you; I am also worried about my unborn children, family members, and (unrelated) husband. I would be much more concerned about my unborn children if Michael and I WERE related. We have learned a lot about consanguinity in our medical genetics class. One lecturer told us that nearly every one in SW Louisiana marries their cousins! As a cajun, I take offense to that!

So I decided to marry out of my blood line but now I am worried that Michael has Marfan Syndrome! It’s a genetic disease affecting connective tissue. They once thought Abraham Lincoln had it,you should google it! So anyway, I was studying, doing my learning thing, and I noticed that Michael has a lot of the symptoms! He is tall, has super soft skin, a kind of sunken in chest (pectus excuvatum) and hyper-flexible joints!

Michael does this thing where he hyper-flexes his wrists. If you don’t know what I mean, do this:

  • hold your hands out in front of you like you are looking in a mirror; palms towards your face
  • now bend your hands towards you, as far as they’ll go
  • thats what Michael does when he is just chilling!

So I called him to where I was studying and said “MICHAEL, YOU’VE GOT THE MARFANS!!!!”

He was not impressed. I told him that he had to go get himself checked out because he was at risk of having an aortic aneurism. He ignored me. But an hour later he came into our bedroom, clutched his chest, and pretended to have a heart attack. That husband of mine is hilarious! NOT.

This is one of the signs of someone with Marfans. They have long fingers and can both hold their thumb with the thumb sticking out the other side (a) and wrap around their wrist with the thumb and pinkie (b). Michael can do both.

So, if you are worried about your health, contact me and I’ll give you a diagnosis. It might not be likely, but I’ll get ya one!

There is no picture of Milo in this post! Here is a pic of him regretting the day I adopted him from Petsmart.

Poor Puppy

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