Factoids I learned from “That Time My Dog Over-Dosed”

  1. It costs money to call pet poison control.

This here is crazy. I described what had happened to the woman who answered, she asked a few questions, and then asked “are you okay with the $40 charge?”

WHAAAT??? Here we have poor little Milo who at any minute is going to start foaming at the mouth Cujo-style and you want my credit card number???? Is it like this if you call poison control for a human?? Someone please call and let me know.

2. If your vet has to do CPR on your pet it will cost you $275.

Luckily, Milo did not need any form of resuscitation following his accidental OD. You have to sign off on whether it is OK for them to do any kind of life-saving measures before you leave them overnight. No way was I signing a DNR on Milo.

When I told Wanda Mimi this, she said “You better have checked the NO box, he’ll be fine”. Mimi? YOU CRAZZYY????? You will never have un-supervized visits with your grandchildren.

3. Caffeine can give your dog seizures.

No more coffee for Milo 😦

“Where is my Starbucks”??? -Milo

Well, I am glad I can share these nuggets of wisdom! Hopefully these next week weeks will be uneventful Milo-wise, I need to study! So I can be a doctor! So I can pay off Milo’s medical bills!

*Side Note: I think Mimi is still mad at Milo because a few weeks ago he ate nibbled on a teeny little, insignificant, piece of her kitchen cabinet. Mimi. Milo says he is sorry. He also says you can’t even really see that part of the cabinet so please stop being mad at me.

2 thoughts on “Factoids I learned from “That Time My Dog Over-Dosed”

  1. FYI instead of calling a pet poison control hotline you can usually just call the vet directly and they’ll tell you whether or not to be concerned, free of charge. Also if a puppy eats something like a roach trap or gets into some kind of chemical, there’s usually a number on the container that you can call, again, free of charge.

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