That Time My Dog Over-Dosed

Yesterday started off really great! I walked back and forth from school; I was real pumped about my exercise! Then, I got home. And this is what I saw:

It looked like a suicide attempt by a rabid animal. Notice that he also ate most of the pill bottle.

My medical training (usually for humans) had not prepared me for prescription over-doses! First I called Michael. No answer. Then I ran across the street to one of our neighbors that have a dog. Danny told me that Milo looked fine and wouldn’t need a vet visit. I called Michael. No answer. I called Katy. She answered. We googled. My medication is not good for dogs. I called Michael. No answer. I ran back to the neighbors. Megan said I should take him for my own peace of mind. I called Michael. No answer.

Meanwhile, Milo was acting much more lethargic than usual! And neighbor Megan had done her own internet research and called to let me know that Milo might start vomiting/having seizures/go into a coma! I was so freaked out! I called Michael. No answer. Megan met me in the drive way with instructions to the animal emergency clinic and off Milo and I went!

As soon as I got there the vet rushed little Milo off to the back to pump his stomach and start him on medication to counter-act the drugs. I was a mess! I know Milo has his faults but I don’t know what I would do if I lost him. I called Michael. HE ANSWERED!

Me: Milo ate a bunch of my pills!

Michael: Hahahahaha

Me: This isn’t funny! I’m at the animal hospital!!!

Michael: How much is this going to cost?

While I was waiting for Michael to get there I chatted with the receptionists to calm my nerves. I asked them what the weirdest thing they had ever seen a dog eat was. The top two answers were adderoll and marajuana! WHAAAT???? The favorite part of their job is when teenagers come in with their high-as-the-sky pooches. Then, when they get the bill (substantial, I can assure you), they have to call mom and dad and explain what the dog ate and why they need their credit cards. So I guess this whole experience could have been a lot worse.

Michael got there and the vet came to talk to us. Milo was doing pretty well but they would need to monitor him for 24 hours to make sure he didn’t get any worse. I felt unbelievably guilty and sad. I had left one of the dining room chairs pushed out, which is a big no no in our house. Milo loooooves getting on the table, and he loves the noise my pill bottle makes. He couldn’t help his bad little self. They brought Milo out to see us before we left.

True Druggie.

Poor little nugget didn’t know what had hit him. His eyes were so dilated!

The vet also told us that he had found most of the pill bottle in Milo’s stomach. I figure there were also hair-bands, bobby-pins, bits of socks, and some of my mom’s kitchen cabinet. Poor Mimi.

This afternoon, the vet called to tell me that Milo was starting to “act like a beagle” and that he would be ready to come home tonight! I can only imagine that meant that he was trying to eat the staff and make a run for it!

His daddy picked him up on his way home from work. Here he is on the car.


Milo is laying next to me on the couch sleeping off his sedatives. Sedatives are expensive. So is a stay overnight in the Doggie ICU (the DICU). But Milo is worth it.

PS. I would highly recommend VERGI for your pet emergencies!

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