Well that was a dumb decision!

Sometimes I think this about deciding to go into medicine. Mostly this thought crosses my mind when I ask Michael about his day at work.

Me: What did you do today?

Michael: I played Angry Birds. I only have one level left where I don’t have three stars!

Me: They pay you HOW MUCH????

Michael is a chemical engineer, specializing in fire safety.   I’m sure he sometimes does important things at work but I have no idea what those things are. Literally, no idea. I hope that one day in the near future our conversation will go like this.

Me: What did you do today?

Michael: I played Angry Birds. I got the newest version and I almost have three stars on every level! What did you do?

Me: I SAVED A LIFE!!!!!!!! (maybe more than one life, but lets not get ahead of ourselves)

But right now all I do during the day is study, make sure Milo doesn’t eat anything toxic, and stalk my across the street neighbor. Megan is the coolest person ever and I hope she never finds out how much time I spend staring out my window at her house. Unless she reads my blog. Which would just make me really happy. Her and her husband just adopted the cutest baby ever!

Adorable, right???

But seriously, studying is soooo boring and at this stage in school it is hard to remember why I chose to go into medicine in the first place. All I really want to do is blog, play with babies, watch reality television, and get pedicures. Is there a career for those things???

There should be.

I’m sure once I start seeing patients I will get my mojo back. Speaking of patients….. remember that time I diagnosed Michael with Marfan’s? If you don’t, click here. Yesterday I sneakily took a pic of Michael’s wrists, check out these hyper-flexed babies!


So going to med school does have its perks. Another good thing is that you get to meet some really great friends who are just as nutty as you are! My mom, Wanda/Mimi, has made it her life’s mission to teach everyone she comes in contact with how to crochet. She takes time out of her busy schedule (crafting, scrapbooking, teaching, and making glass jewelry) to drive all the way into the med center to teach my friends how to crochet!  She is the BEST.

Future doctors!!!! You nervous??

One of these nifty girls also has a blog! Cross check hers to see if we are all crazy or if it’s just me.

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