Things Med Students Say in Public

Mom, if you are reading this to your 3rd graders it gets a little colorful.

Let me start by saying that we are all guilty of this. Med students forget that the things we see/hear/get excited about are not necessarily “normal” to our friends and family that aren’t in health care. Here are some of my faves.

  • “I skinned a penis yesterday.”

I threw out this little gem at my cousin Lindsey’s wedding. Anatomy lab really gets stuck in your head! I think this is what I said when my uncle asked me what I had been up to lately.

  • “I saw a man peeing out his poop at the hospital.”

At a friend’s birthday dinner. Luckily most of the guests were fellow med-students. In my defense, this is not something you see every day and I wanted to share!

  • “Can I practice the rectal exam on you?”

I’m starting to detect a theme here….

  • “You have some human bits on your shoe.”

On the way home from anatomy lab. Hey, I would want to know!

  • “I saw the sun rise from the LRC this morning!”

Ya’ll remember what a gunner is?? During test weeks they like to stay in our LRC (learning resource center) for days at a time.

  • Student 1: “My dad has alpha-thalessemia.”
  • Student 2: “COOOL!!”

Hmmm… actually it is not cool that your dad has this blood disorder. But we love disorders! And hearing about real people who have them!

  • Want to look at my sputum?”

When I had bronchitis a few weeks ago I was coughing up some nasty crap. So obviously I wanted everyone to see it and give me a differential diagnosis. I even took a picture of it and sent it to my friend Katy. I really wanted to post it here but was told that that crossed the nasty line….. dang it..

  • Today I found one hair on my arm that was longer and thicker than all the others on my arm. I can only assume that it has a selective advantage to grow in such a fashion, thus proving that evolution is real. You’re welcome science and take that creationists!”

This is a facebook post I just saw from one of my classmates. I don’t think it makes any sense but we are all delusional and I like it.

  • I think during times of stress my uterus makes a tiny stress baby that compells me to eat all the things. And cry about my life choices.

Facebook gold!!! I didn’t write this (holla Jana!) but I think I have a similar condition. Except it might be twins. Congrats Michael!

On another note I think that Milo caught kennel cough from the DICU. He is breathing like a seal.

Sleeping like a weirdo.

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