The Boy Who Cried Aortic-Dissection

Michael is still mocking my Marfan’s diagnosis. I think he is mad that I told everyone he only plays angry birds at work. Oh well. The truth hurts! STOP FAKING HEART ATTACKS!


Milo has had a wonderful last few days! He got to play with his very best friend, Booker. Booker’s mom, neighbor Megan, is the coolest blogger/person ever and I want to be her when I grow up. Booker is the coolest blogging material/dog ever and Michael and I really love taking him on walks with Milo. He is much better behaved than Milo (gasp!) and we are hoping some of this rubs off on our dog. So far, nothing.

Booker, being a boy dog, has to pee on everything. Milo doesn’t do this yet, maybe it’s because he is still a puppy? Milo usually only pees once and he does it like a girl. My two theories are that he is too lazy to lift his leg or he wishes to be trans-gender. Michael and I will love him no matter his sexual-orientation. Which brings me to my next point.

I’m pretty sure Milo has a mad boy-crush on Books. Sometimes. When Booker lifts his leg to pee. Milo jumps under him to catch some of the spray. In my imagination Milo is saying: “Mark me! I’ll be yours forever and ever”! I’m planning their wedding.

Wassup guys?? I’m a superstar.

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