Why the PP?

I’m sure many of you are wondering why I’m Dr. PP!! Well maybe you aren’t, but I’ll tell you anyway.

My Facebook has always been Anna P. I have never had my full last name on the internet. Why? Because when I first made my Facebook in high school I was worried that pedophiles were going to find me if I had my last name out there. Don’t believe me? Ask Megan Strange.

Irrational!! I also don’t think that 17 year olds get attacked by pedophiles all that often. Is this the definition of a phobia?? I blame it on really over-protective parents and too much CSI at an impressionable age.

So there you go! Anna P became my full-on nickname! (In my med school class there is another Anna P so now it gets confusing)

And then when I got a boyfriend with a P last name I said “hey you, I’m gonna marry you!” And then I did. So now I’m going to one day be a Dr. PP but not a urologist. (probably not anyway)

After Michael and I got married and I got my name legally changed I decided to be really durastic/spontaneous and change my name on Facebook. It was either going to be Anna PP or Anna P (P), whichever one looked funnier. When I went to change it Facebook kindly told me that that was not allowed because you had to have your full-name and not just your initial! Wowza! Obviously I cancelled changes and kept it as Anna P for historical purposes.

“Sorry I ate your important school things” -Milo

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