Move over Cesar Millan…

There’s a new doggie whisperer in town! And his name is CASEY STRANGE!

Our best friends Megan (of Live Strange blog) and her husband Casey came over tonight for some taco/TV time. Milo was being bad. (Shocker!!!) Auntie Megan and Uncle Case have been on the Milo journey with us from the very beginning. After all, Milo was Megan’s their wedding gift to us. The gift that keeps on giving!

Michael wasn’t totally onboard with the doggie adoption/didn’t know about it before it actually happened. As such, Casey, being Michael’s best friend since elementary school, might be experiencing a smidgeon of guilt. Whenever they are over and Milo does something bad Casey is usually the first to discipline him. He usually does a great job but tonight, something exceptional happened.

I don’t know why and I can’t explain it, but Milo was trying to eat the sleeve of my shirt! Tasted good I guess, I’ve never tried it. Anyway I was getting real annoyed with my baby boy and was considering taking him back to petsmart. Enter Casey.

Casey stood over him and pointed at Milo with two fingers. Then pointed at himself. Then pointed at Milo. Then back at himself. The whole time saying “Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here”. I don’t know what kind of sorcery or voodoo magic he worked on my dog but Milo immediately sat down. And was good. And let us pet him. A miracle occurred here tonight, observe:

Prophet Casey, calming the storm!























I hope to report next time that the good behavior has continued!

Here’s hoping!

5 thoughts on “Move over Cesar Millan…

  1. Casey has clearly established himself as the alpha dog – a first step in dog training. He and his wife must be real “dog people”?

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