Exciting stuff happening at the PP household! We got a RUBIK’S CUBE!!!

I don’t know what made me decide that I wanted one, but I got one, from Target, because Target is awesome. I thought it would be really easy to learn to solve it because of YOUTUBE, need I say more? Also, I like to think of myself as reasonably intelligent. Both of those things turned out to be false.

First of all, the guy teaching the youtube video was zoomin! He speaks way faster than I can turn the cube and it is almost impossible to keep yourself oriented. If your life is as boring as mine, check out the video.

I gave up 3 minutes later but not my husband. Oh no. Michael the engineer does not back down from a puzzle. He lost sleep over this thing.

Mild OCD (And Marfan’s)

With the help of YouTube, google, the packet that came with it, and a degree in chemical engineering, it took him 3 days. I took a video of it. Click here.

Did I fool ya?

Obviously Milo had to give it a try as well:


Maybe if I chew on it?

I’m too smart for this.

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