Separation Anxiety

Michael and I are going out of town this weekend (yay Baylor Homecoming!!) which means we have to leave little Milo behind. It is our first time leaving him for over a day with a non-family member. One of my brave classmates and good friends volunteered/was coerced into watching him. Bless you Kristin! I thought it would be a good idea to leave her a list of Milo’s needs:

  • A cup of food in the morning and a cup at night
  • Keep his water bowl full
  • If you value your home, put him in his kennel when you leave
  • He gets distracted outside by the other dogs so you may have to lead him to an isolated area to do his business
  • He loves snuggling!
  • When he doesn’t love snuggling, he bites
  • He can have a few rawhides a day when you are missing your sanity
  • If he gets really fussy, hold him like a baby and bounce him around the room
  • He loves to be called “Milo nuggets my wittle baby!” (in a cooing voice of course)
  • He may be on the milder side of the autism spectrum, so if all else fails wrap him really tight in a blanket and minimize sensory overload

Love you Milo!!!!!

(I was told I had to cover his little wee-wee or this picture would be inappropriate for the internet)

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