Milo Meets his Match

Yesterday we took Milo to the dog park for a break from my long day of not studying. Milo LOVES the dog park!!! He is either the center of the action, trying to take down the big dogs, or by himself in the corner digging holes. (mild autism)

He was having the time of his life! He smelled the other dog’s junk, drank some stagnant water, nibbled on a dead bird, howled at some toddlers…. all in an hour! And little 12-pound Milo does not back down from a doggie scuffle. Here he is helping to take down a pit-bull.

Such a bully

But as the title of this post would suggest, one of the other dogs finally got the better of him.

Was it this guy?


How about this one? He looks pretty ferocious.


OK definitely this one! A 98-pound  German Shepherd named Zeus!

Not even a little bit.

The dog that finally took down Milo? The canine that made him run off with his tail between his legs wimpering?? This guy. Well really, this gal.

Stella the Dachshund.

A WEINIE DOG scared the crap out of Milo!!! I think Milo was just trying to figure out how such a long-bodied dog worked. Was her back half connected to her front half?? He’s inquisitive like that.  Also, she wasn’t accepting his sexual advances. Little Vixen.

Moral of the story: There is nothing more embarrassing than pulling your humping beagle-mix off of a pissed weiner dog.


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