The HUNGER games

Last night ended our 2-week Paleo challenge…. we celebrated with a shmancy dinner at Churrascos, and after…. CUPCAKES!!!! Those things are tasty and should not be eliminated from any humane diet.

Hunger and bitterness will really get you thinking. I experienced some weird cravings in the last 14 days which brought me to this list, THE SEVEN SIGNS YOU MAY HAVE HIT ROCK BOTTOM AND/OR CLINICAL INSANITY WHILE DIETING:

  1. You crave plain toast, yogurt, and cottage cheese.
  2. Sometimes at night, once your husband has fallen asleep, you shed a few tears for the ice cream you didn’t have that day.
  3. The news that Hostess has gone bankrupt  makes you want to fill your bathtub with Twinkies.
  4. You dream about the feeling of carbs on your tongue.
  5. You wake up feeling guilty about eating imaginary-carbs.
  6. An unknown number can text you with an invitation to go out to eat and you say yes. Even after that person has identified themselves as “McDizzle”, you still say yes. You are that desperate.
  7. Bananas start to taste like candy made out of crack.

In the words of a friend: “Paleo doesn’t make you lose fat so much as steal all the hope and happiness from you and that’s why you’re lighter”.

“Feed my human.”- Milo



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