A Counter-Argument to Holiday Indignation

A lot of people (my husband included) LOSE THEIR MINDS when holiday decorations go up early. And I can understand their point. Christmas bulldozes over Thanksgiving and even Halloween to climb to the top of the consumerism mountain. But know what?? I don’t care. Know why?? I LOVE CHRISTMAS AND I WANT IT TO WIN!!!!!! 25-days isn’t enough to contain the magic!


This is my Christmas tree!!! I put it up 2 weeks ago despite Michael’s pleas to wait until after Thanksgiving! It has brought me pure joy and asked nothing in return.

nom nom nom

This is my Milo! The festive bow around his neck brought me pure joy until he realized it was there, ate it, and then threw it back up.

Look, logically, I understand the frustration felt when wreaths and ornaments appear on the shelves mid-September. But I can’t help how happy it makes me feel! It’s instinctive! I would holler Christmas songs ALL YEAR if it was socially acceptable! And  scrooge Michael needs to accept me for who I am and falalalala from October to December. Done.

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