Missy, meet Milo.

I know my dog is a kook. I knew it even before everyone pointed it out to me. (mind your own parenting business, guys!) But I really had my fingers crossed that he could behave himself around his new Auntie M. HA! Who was I kidding??

Missy (Dutchess Diva) had a grooming appointment this afternoon and then was chauffered over to the med center to meet her nephew. I answered the door with Milo in my arms, writhing and lunging at the gate. Missy was in my mom’s arms, perfectly coiffed and making a face of disgust at my dog. Wanda has taken to speaking for her….. Missy apparently said “eaw, what is that???”

“Where am I? This beagle/terrier mix is completely demented.” -Missy

Milo was all up in her business and Missy did not appreciated being barked at. Or being treated like a dog period. She is a princess and she wants everyone to know it.

“Fetch me a muzzle” -Missy

Wanda was kind of freaking out about Milo “hurting” her poor baby! Get a grip mom! Milo is a lover, and a sometimes biter…. but mostly a lover. And Missy growling and snapping at Milo was really not necessary, he just wanted to sniff her tush. Y’all need to calm down.

“no” -Missy

OK so maybe here he was getting ready to pounce off the couch and eat her but in his defense she really does look like a marshmallow.

Pretty in Pink

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