A Passion for Fashion

Are you laughing at the title of this post?? You definitely should be! Anyone who has seen me in real life knows that fashion is not one of my adjectives. Shlumpy? yes. Fashion? no. Just to make it clear I took a few model pictures for clarification and your entertainment!

Sweatpants: vintage American Eagle
T-shirt: Free from a “Doctors in Training” meeting

Also, I wear my hair in a pony tail 95% of my life.

I have no idea why I thought this was a model pose…..

I would wear the above “outfit” on a walk with Milo…. going to school….. out to a nice dinner…. (just kidding on the last one, but not the first two) It’s also not uncommon for me to sleep in something and then wear it again the next day. And maybe again that night. This is a judgment free zone? Right?

Anyway, I started thinking about fashion because this Saturday I am going to the Houston Blogger Symposium Holiday Party!!!! I need to be dressed relatively cute so that people will like me and want to read my blog. Also, I’ve lately developed an obsession with statement necklaces! As someone whose jewelry choices are usually limited to James Avery this is a big step for me! You can put one of those bad boys on with anything and you instantly look hip. Actually, maybe not with the above ensemble, but you never know.

The necklace on the far right is a contender for Saturday!

While I was upstairs taking a picture of my necklaces, Milo did this:

Did I mention that he LOVES highlighters?? And you can’t let him out of your sight for over 30 seconds?? Crisis averted though. I turned the cushion upside down and it looks good as new! (This will be a test to see if Michael reads my blog.)

5 thoughts on “A Passion for Fashion

  1. Why change when the clothes you slept in are perfectly acceptable for outside wear? I do the same thing!
    I really like the necklace 2nd from the right!

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