Eyes Wide Open

In med school, it isn’t that often that we practice a clinical skill on each other. (Thank God, pap smears??) We have standardized patients to walk us through most things. I guess our school was on a budget this week though because they decided that we should learn the ophthalmology skill set on our fellow classmates. And…. that each of us would get one eye dilated!

Real doctors put burning drops of mydriatics in our “non-dominant eyes”. The fact that I had a dominant eye at all  was news to me!

Did I mention that it burned?


I wonder what percentage of our tuition goes to this….

After getting the drops we waiting in a large classroom for our vision to get good and fuzzy. Obviously having one pupil much larger than the other is hilarious so I took plenty of photos!


Having a dilated eye makes the red reflex (and zombie effect) much stronger

Next, we split up into small groups with an ophthalmology resident to practice torturing examining each other. Bright light hurts when you can’t accomodate!


Our resident was really nice except I don’t think he understood my jokes or why I wanted to take pictures of him. He did draw us this really nice diagram! I have no idea what it is about but it looks legit!

Mystery Knowledge

Mystery Knowledge

Michael went and picked up Colby from school after her session so she didn’t have to stumble home with half-vision. She had a purse full of dilating drops! Apparently when they were done with all of us they hand them out like candy! Colby’s idea? To dilate Milo’s eyes. I put my foot down on that one.

4 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open

  1. Interesting article Dr. PP. Maybe Med School is really about willing participants who pay exorbinant amounts of money to BE the lab rats for some interesting unknown pschological/pathological study for the government…maybe that wasn’t ‘drops’, maybe that was some dye that was actually absorbed through your system so that your skeletal structure will glow on some computer system that a guy in Wyoming is watching and monitoring….. things that make you go hmmmmm… maybe our book needs to be this very topic… best seller? I think yes! 8^)

  2. Omg I just followed you back on Instagram and discovered this blog! I love it! I just got done looking at those eye muscles (even though we just learned ab them, I don’t really understand that diagram either lol. I thought an H shaped one would be better to demonstrate clinical testing?)in anatomy lab and we just learned ab the nerves involved in the accommodation response. (I have my anatomy final tomorrow so naturally I’m on here discovering your blog 🙂 ). I can’t wait til second year when we get to do cool stuff like dialate each other’s eyes! Anyways I’m super excited I found this so I can follow up with your med school adventure! Hope all is well!

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