Houston Blogger Symposium

This past Saturday night was the Blogger Symposium Holiday party! It was so much fun and I didn’t even wear my pajamas! I had on my big-girl clothes! It was hosted by the world-famous blogger Megan Silianoff (also my across-the-street neighbor and go-to Milo-walker) so obviously it was real hip! During the course of the night I discovered that I am not hip at all because I don’t have a twitter or an instagram and I had never heard of Star pizza. Thankfully Megan is hooking me up with the social media!

francescas dress

Observe me sans-jammies.

Here I am with Julianne from Francesca’s Collections! Isn’t she adorable?! It turns out my dress was from Francesca’s which I hadn’t even realized! Have you been there?? It’s awesome. Also, my statement necklace is from Langford Market, and you should definitely hit that place up too.


Sometimes I make really weird faces in pictures. Oh well, you can’t be good at everything!

I also met Breanna from The Thing about Joy, Meg from Meg Sloan Photography, Whitney of The Observant Turtle, and Lindsay from Trial by Saphire. Also, Alicia, the creator of Whimsey Boxes, which is basically the coolest thing ever. Buy one.

OH…..and guess who else I met???



Though I suspect it was really Megan’s husband, Danny.

Allyson from Mimosas in the Morning kept asking me to sit in his lap…. Too much Dripping Springs Vodka, Allyson??

Saturday morning we also took Milo to petsmart to meet their version of Santa.They needed a faster camera…..



Milo channeling an 83-year old grandpa.

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