M is for Med school

Let’s consider this post a public service announcement. I realized a year and a half ago that quite a few people have no idea what medical school is. I would be delighted to clarify!


When I graduate from medical school I WILL NOT BE:

  • A nurse
  • An optometrist
  • A dentist
  • A physical therapist
  • A podiatrist
  • A PhD
  • A veterinarian (someone asked me this over the weekend, I swear!)


  • A person with an MD behind my name that after several more years of training will be able to practice medicine. (holla!)

In medical school you DO NOT:

  • Declare a major
  • Choose which classes you want to take


  • Study a lot
  • Cry

Another common misunderstanding (or maybe I just hang with people that haven’t been out much) is that you have to be a nurse before you can become a doctor. False!

An interesting fact? Us students wear short coats and the real doctors wear long coats. You have to “earn your stitches”. Beyond that little clue I never know how to identify who is who at the hospital….. One time I asked a fellow if she was a third year and I got glared at. And pimped for the rest of the shift.

{Pimped: Where the senior physician asks you impossible questions in rapid

succession in hopes of making you break. It adds to the crying.}


See? short = fake doctor

I really hope this has been informative! And the next time you see a bleary-eyed twenty-something in a short white coat, buy them a Starbucks.

4 thoughts on “M is for Med school

  1. The funny thing is the short coat = fake doctor thing totally goes out the window in the real world. Most of us don’t wear white coats at all. In fact, some studies are showing that those long coats pick up germs. Ties too. A lot of us wear scrub jackets like the nurses do, or just scrubs. Especially the younger crowd. It’s becoming a lot less formal. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s not all medicine. But some of it is.

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