Babysitting Booker

Everyone knows Booker, right?? He is super famous from here and Michael and I got to keep him at our house while his parents went out of town. Booker is AWESOME! Milo spends so much time harassing him that that he forgets to bother us! They actually might not get Booker back. Sorry, guys!



I was worried initially that Milo’s jealousy would pop up (he is an only-child) and at first he wasn’t so sure about having Booker as a new brother. For example, he refused to let Booker eat out of his food bowl……or sleep in his own bed.


Milo in Booker’s bed

Booker on the floor.

Booker on the floor.








Let me point out that Milo has a king-sized sleepnumber bed with 800 thread count sheets that he shares with us.I guess the satisfaction of stealing booker’s bed made it more luxurious? Anyway, after a few nights we came upstairs to this:


Have you ever seen anything so cute?!??

Milo also spent a fair amount of his time licking Booker’s business…. is that weird? I think it’s weird. Booker was ambivalent. The only time Booker got mad was when Milo jumped off the couch onto his back. Milo clearly just wanted to go for a horsey ride and Booker should have been more accommodating! Rude.


My dog is obviously pretty brave to violate someone so much larger than himself! Booker’s parents think he resembles a deer but I personally have never seen a deer so well-fed. Maybe that’s how they look up north??

Another reason Booker may never be returned? He makes the best pillow EVER!


The Book Pillow! Self-heating and supplies a gentle soothing heartbeat. Batteries included.

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