We’re just like you!

UsWeekly attempts to make the average person feel better about being an average person with their “just like us” photo articles.  Celebrities drink Starbucks! They have cellulite! They need flotation devices!

Feel better about your lack of fame and fortune?? Me too!

I’m not a celebrity (dang it) but I have had some of my non-health care friends tell me they are intimidated by my med-school friends. This is just about the funniest thing ever and inspiration for the first installment of………. WE’RE JUST LIKE YOU—MED-SCHOOL EDITION!!!!!

  • We can’t do simple math
  • We’re pro procrastinators
  • We get behind on our laundry…. and dishes……and personal hygiene
  • We are poor
  • We don’t know how to balance our checkbooks
  • We don’t actually know what we want to be when we grow up, but secretly want to be broadway stars (just me??)
  • We don’t like lawyers

More secure?? You’re welcome 🙂

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