One of my main New Year’s resolutions this year is to train my dog. Although I realize the content of this blog will suffer….he provides a lot of material….

Last week while his parents went to the hardware store Milo ate an entire package of skittles and half a box of Andes mints. You’ll recall that Andes mints have chocolate which is toxic to dogs. You know what I told Milo?? I said Milo, you only get one trip to the DICU per year so you better just walk this off and toughen up!

Later that evening while his parents went to a wedding Milo ate 2 bottles of diet coke.


If you think Milo is crazy sober you should see him on caffeine! The only way I can describe it is paranoid. He kept looking rapidly from side to side so I’m pretty sure he was having some sort of delusional episode. Michael sat him in his lap and had a conversation:

Michael: Milo.

Milo: ………….

Michael: You have cost us a lot of money

Milo:…………… (with rapid eye movements)

Michael: You ate one of my car keys, you destroyed a pair of my glasses, you cost us over a thousand dollars at the DICU.


Michael: You only cost $150. If you were a car you would be totaled.

6 thoughts on “Resolutions

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  2. I literally “LOL’d” at the “if you were a car, you would be totaled” part… oh gosh i hope that it doesnt come down to that!!!

    You should try kenneling him while you are out of the house. You should also provide some chew toys since he seems to have some kind of chewing obsession once left alone. I just adopted a pit and he has a mouthy issue so I always make sure to pick up everything in his reach so i dont come home to it being destroyed. he doesnt kennel well because he was in boarding for about 10 months so it freaks him out but he is getting more and more open to the idea with the kennel being in the same room as his bed. he will go in it now but i havent tried kenneling him while i am away again because he just freaks out. so im just going to use it when he is bad… which he has been a pretty good pup.

    good luck on the training!!

    • Solid advice girl! Milo has more chew toys than I have shoes…. he just prefers to mouth on the things he isn’t supposed to have. He kept getting my hair brush and eating the bristles out of it and I couldn’t figure out how he was getting it b/c the counter is out of his reach. and then one day I watched him hop from the floor to the toilet to the counter.

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