PP gets crafty! … sort of

I decided last week that I need a creative place to display my statement necklaces! (the only things that make me mildly fashionable… which I guess is still debatable)

My original plan began with a simple cork board from Michael’s. I taped up the edges and attempted to paint the border blue.


My first sign that failure was imminent was the paint peeling off like rubber. Hmm… shabby chic is in, right?? Not one to give up without a fight (unless the fight is P90X) I persevered and started to paint the center section, the cork.

WHY ARE YOU NOT TURNING WHITE CORK???  What kind of paint is this?!?! I want my $3.95 back!

Oh wait.


“Gloss gel Medium”…. what the heck is that?? Clearly being a second year med student does not make you a critical reader. Whatever I had samples left over from painting our bedroom…. resourceful!


ALL DONE! You would buy one from me right?! No you wouldn’t because it’s ugly. Which is exactly what Wanda told me before she took it (probably to the trash) and brought me a frame covered in canvas fabric as a replacement.


We taped up the edges and I painted the border. Looks a lot better than my attempt huh?? I’m OK with my shortcomings.



TA DA!!!

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