Marital Discord

Michael and I have been having a few fights lately. They mainly focus on whether or not Milo should wear clothes. The answer is a very obvious YES because

  1. He gets cold, and
  2. he looks abnormally fashionable




I would even go so far as to say he needs MORE clothes! It even has an unexpected benefit – his sweaters calm him down thunder-shirt style! Win/win for humanity.

What does everyone else think? More sweaters or should I branch out with some evening wear?

10 thoughts on “Marital Discord

  1. i say more! i have a little chihuahua who literally has everything from a down jacket to an ugg one. They have super cute affordable stuff for dogs at Old Navy. It’s fun to dress them up! Enjoy!

  2. He is a canine after all. He does not need clothes. As, for the thunder-shirt…doesn’t it need to have some weight to it to be beneficial? Just wondering…..

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