Do it Yourself

Michael and I have been on the look out for a piece of furniture to store our nice glasses (we have many) and Milo’s stuff (even more). Last week I stumbled upon the perfect thing, at a resale shop!!! The $20 price tag made it even better! Michael didn’t necessarily agree because he can sometimes be a snot bucket. (sorry hunny)

I don’t always ask for his permission so today while he was at work my mom and I spruced it up in our garage. Incidentally not asking Michael’s permission is how we came to be Milo’s parents! So obviously I am a great decision maker. OBVIOUSLY.

$20 for the piece, another $20 for spray paint, and $16 for new hardware, what a deal!

buffet collage

As you can see Milo is an extraordinary helper and craftsman. Until he started breathing in the paint fumes and trying to chew his way out of the leash…. then he had to go back inside.before:after

Michael hasn’t seen it yet and is on his way home now! I hope he likes it! If not, anyone in the market for a renovated buffet??


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