A Proposal Story

This weekend was very special because our best friends Colby and Tanner got engaged!!! And guess who was an integral part of the surprise and kept her mouth shut even though she has multiple times been accused of being a blabber mouth???!? DOCTOR PP THAT’S WHO! (was that a run on sentence?)

A future post will be about how to get surprise engaged and plan a surprise engagement without annoying everyone around you (TANNER!) but until then let me leave you with this little nugget: if you EVER think a proposal is in your future and someone suggests putting a dress on, just do it. (JK Colbs you looked beautiful as always duhhh why are you so cute)

Tanner got ready at our house and looked like precious. I made the signs that would line the pathway to the bridge. Milo napped. Michael showed off his bow tie expertise.

preparation collage


So the ruse was that the four of us were going out to dinner and dancin’ and they would come to our place early to watch our wedding video. Around 5:00 Michael got a phone call from Megan , also our photographer extraordinaire, that her sink had exploded! OH NO! The boys went off to “fix the sink” AKA set up for the amazing proposal while Colby and I watched some Dance Moms. Quality television to prepare for engagement time! Once I got the text I said “omg Colby let’s go walk Milo before the boys get back to we will be all ready to go”! We headed to the bridge and luckily Milo was having some sort of asthma attack which kept her distracted.


proposal collagelove love love

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