Rules of Engagement

Here follows the as-promised advice to the future bride, groom, and random passer by.

To the asker:

  • Listen to me because I am always right.
  • Your soon-to-be fiancé would much rather a close up photo of the magical moment than it be a surprise shot from the woods…. 50 yards away. Even if she pinned it on pinterest. EVEN THEN.
  • Don’t panic about her outfit. Even if her mother insisted that she be in a dress. EVEN THEN.
  • Apparently you aren’t supposed to wear suspenders with a belt….. who knew?

To the rando:

  • Why on earth would you even think about getting in front of a photo of two people getting engaged on a bridge??? What is wrong with you???? Unless you are on your way to save a life in the med center (which I highly doubt you snarky man on a bike) just wait the 30 seconds to pass by.

To the askee:

  • Listen to me because I am always right.
  • If you suspect a proposal is in your near future (like within 6 months) do ANYTHING anyone asks you to do. Even if you think seeing a movie with me and Michael is the most boring thing in the world (it is because I usually fall asleep) do it anyway.
  • Just wear a dress and heels with full make up and your nails done and a tiara from when you wake up to when you go to sleep.
  • Don’t invite my mom and I to go dress shopping with you. Because we will take photos like this:

dress shopping collage 3dress shopping collage 1dress chopping collage 2

I’ve entitled these “when white trash visits a fancy bridal boutique”


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