Yesterday morning Michael and I took a trip to the fine arts museum! It’s sad that this is the first time we’ve gone since living here because we are only about 2 miles from the museum district.

We saw a war photograph exhibit that spanned centuries, all the way up to detailed photos of the Iraqi war. It was educational, moving, sad, discouraging, and enlightening. I definitely recommend it but not for the little ones…. and maybe bring your tissues??

And then we traipsed on over the contemporary art museum. Where things got weird. Real weird.

Please oh please someone with an art background explain to me why a video of a maggot is featured in a museum!! Or a toilet on a pile of newspapers surrounded by ketchup bottles and milk jugs. ENLIGHTEN ME!!!  WHAT CAN IT MEAN?! I don’t know if you can tell  but the confusion really got to me, because as we all know, I am trying to up my hipness. And what is hipper than a modern art museum?? I know! A food truck!!!

food truck


This bad boy really rounded out our hipster morning. I had never eaten at one before and I felt like a much cooler person… instantly.


food truck menu

I got the Chicken Tikka Tacos because indian food is my jam! DELISH! Go get you some.

chicken tika taco

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