Stressful Sleep

I have weird dreams when I’m under stress. The night before taking my MCAT I dreamt that I had to input all of my answers into my grandma’s head. Like if I pushed a certain spot in her cranium it meant the answer choice “D”. I found this extra hilarious because by the time I entered medical school my grandma was so senile she asked me if I could deliver her babies!

Last night’s REM sleep was a doozy! It started out in the medical school elevator. I pushed a floor and it started to move but the doors didn’t close and then it turned sideways and everyone fell against the wall!

Later Michael brought me to one of his friend’s houses and it turned out to be Owen Wilson who told me he liked my swimsuit! I told Owen he should fix the elevator. Because Owen Wilson owns the school elevators. In their bathroom I found a case of Zyrtec that cost $6,500. They are so rich! We went out with the Wilson’s and luckily I had both a Kate Spade purse and a MacBook Air to prove that I was on a similar socioeconomic level.

Then I woke up.

2 thoughts on “Stressful Sleep

  1. I get the weird stress dreams too!
    Once, during our hematology course, I had a dream that our class was divided up to administer chemo to each other. The last person to vomit would get bonus points.

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