Stress Dreams— PART TWO!!

I’m sure you all remember the time I went to Owen Wilson’s pool party. (in my dreams of course). Well, finals are coming up and my brain has been cranking out some DOOZIES!!! And guess what, this time they are all about what Milo wants to be when he grows up. Weird right?? It’s probably because he sleeps either snuggled up by my side or on my head so he is never far from my subconscious.

On SEPARATE nights, I dreamt that Milo aspired to be a senator, a nurse, and a squirrel.

I’m his mom so I say he can be whatever he wants! Also he’s already been a shark and a gangsta, so really the sky’s the limit!

stress dreams collageVOTE FOR MILO!

Pet Cave

What is a pet cave, you ask? It’s a dog bed with a roof! Milo is a natural burrower and when I saw this on Groupon, I had to order it for the little digger. He chewed on it first, like most else in our house, but after I showed him the picture he eventually got the hang of it.

pet cave


It probably helped that the “model” dog was a fellow beagle.

pet cave 1


pet cave 2


pet cave 3

Getting closer.

pet cave solved

Nailed it! Just like the package said… “surrounded by comfort and warmth”

Noodle Nirvana

Yesterday Michael had a softball game (go TEAM PRIME TIME!) which meant that little Milo was left alone for a few hours. This resulted.

ramen 2

What are those?! Maggots?? Fluorescent ants??

NO. Ramen noodles.

He ate 4 packages.

ramen 1

I don’t know why 1 package didn’t satisfy him…. but judging from the empty seasoning packages his noodles were not without flavor.

So that’s good.

Milo Fights Feline Obesity

This is Weasley. Weasley is a fat cat.

weasley collage

Like millions of American cats, Weasley leads a sedentary lifestyle. This is exaccerbated by his parents naive belief that his extra poundage is benign “fluff”.

Milo wants to help Weasley get healthy so he lets Weasley “chase” him around his apartment! In this ideal interval training, Weasley alternates between rapid sprints and lunges for toning.

What can I say? My dog is a philanthropist.

Do it Yourself

Michael and I have been on the look out for a piece of furniture to store our nice glasses (we have many) and Milo’s stuff (even more). Last week I stumbled upon the perfect thing, at a resale shop!!! The $20 price tag made it even better! Michael didn’t necessarily agree because he can sometimes be a snot bucket. (sorry hunny)

I don’t always ask for his permission so today while he was at work my mom and I spruced it up in our garage. Incidentally not asking Michael’s permission is how we came to be Milo’s parents! So obviously I am a great decision maker. OBVIOUSLY.

$20 for the piece, another $20 for spray paint, and $16 for new hardware, what a deal!

buffet collage

As you can see Milo is an extraordinary helper and craftsman. Until he started breathing in the paint fumes and trying to chew his way out of the leash…. then he had to go back inside.before:after

Michael hasn’t seen it yet and is on his way home now! I hope he likes it! If not, anyone in the market for a renovated buffet??


Marital Discord

Michael and I have been having a few fights lately. They mainly focus on whether or not Milo should wear clothes. The answer is a very obvious YES because

  1. He gets cold, and
  2. he looks abnormally fashionable




I would even go so far as to say he needs MORE clothes! It even has an unexpected benefit – his sweaters calm him down thunder-shirt style! Win/win for humanity.

What does everyone else think? More sweaters or should I branch out with some evening wear?


One of my main New Year’s resolutions this year is to train my dog. Although I realize the content of this blog will suffer….he provides a lot of material….

Last week while his parents went to the hardware store Milo ate an entire package of skittles and half a box of Andes mints. You’ll recall that Andes mints have chocolate which is toxic to dogs. You know what I told Milo?? I said Milo, you only get one trip to the DICU per year so you better just walk this off and toughen up!

Later that evening while his parents went to a wedding Milo ate 2 bottles of diet coke.


If you think Milo is crazy sober you should see him on caffeine! The only way I can describe it is paranoid. He kept looking rapidly from side to side so I’m pretty sure he was having some sort of delusional episode. Michael sat him in his lap and had a conversation:

Michael: Milo.

Milo: ………….

Michael: You have cost us a lot of money

Milo:…………… (with rapid eye movements)

Michael: You ate one of my car keys, you destroyed a pair of my glasses, you cost us over a thousand dollars at the DICU.


Michael: You only cost $150. If you were a car you would be totaled.