• You seem so smart, can I call you for medical advice?

OF COURSE  YOU CAN! I have 1.5 years of medical school under my belt. I do full exams and minor surgery, just buy me a bag of dog food. I WILL need my laptop nearby so I can use Wikipedia.

  • What kind of doctor do you want to be?

The kind that’s low-stress, has regular hours, and doesn’t require me to dress fancy.

  • Gosh, Milo is precious and so well-behaved! Where can I get a dog like that??

Milo was adopted from petsmart and so is probably a one-of-a-kind beagle/terrier/shark mix. (They told us he was a pocket-beagle but I don’t think those are real.) If you are looking to adopt a zany canine-friend I can highly recommend CAPS!

  • How do you get his coat so shiny?

Every night I apply a masque of avocado and egg yolk.

  • Do you really think Michael has Marfan Syndrome?



*Have a question for Dr. PP?? Hit me up!

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