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In Texas, we like to take pictures of our babies in the bluebonnets. No matter that this patch of flowers is less than 4 square feet and in the middle of a busy highway. We do it anyway.

If you don’t have any babies, your baby is grown up, or you’re an eccentric dog-lover (Wanda), you take pictures of your puppies!

Pee Pi and Missy:





**Milo was not included in the photo shoot because if I’d taken him off his leash he for sure would have ran into traffic and gotten ran over and then what would be the point of this blog??**

Pet Cave

What is a pet cave, you ask? It’s a dog bed with a roof! Milo is a natural burrower and when I saw this on Groupon, I had to order it for the little digger. He chewed on it first, like most else in our house, but after I showed him the picture he eventually got the hang of it.

pet cave


It probably helped that the “model” dog was a fellow beagle.

pet cave 1


pet cave 2


pet cave 3

Getting closer.

pet cave solved

Nailed it! Just like the package said… “surrounded by comfort and warmth”

Outfit Post for the Fashionably Furry

My last post about Milo in clothing was met with some really positive support for dog outfits. Several people suggested that he needs EVEN MORE clothes including possibly some lounge wear or a rain jacket. For those of you who disagreed…. what can I say? Haters gonna hate!

Today while Milo and I were at Petsmart we stumbled upon a diamond in the rough of clearance pet clothes! While he does sometimes like to be preppy, today Milo was channeling his inner bad boy biker so we just had to pick up this distressed jean vest…. for $4! STEAL!

milo vest collage

“Where’s my Harley?” -Milo


Marital Discord

Michael and I have been having a few fights lately. They mainly focus on whether or not Milo should wear clothes. The answer is a very obvious YES because

  1. He gets cold, and
  2. he looks abnormally fashionable




I would even go so far as to say he needs MORE clothes! It even has an unexpected benefit – his sweaters calm him down thunder-shirt style! Win/win for humanity.

What does everyone else think? More sweaters or should I branch out with some evening wear?


One of my main New Year’s resolutions this year is to train my dog. Although I realize the content of this blog will suffer….he provides a lot of material….

Last week while his parents went to the hardware store Milo ate an entire package of skittles and half a box of Andes mints. You’ll recall that Andes mints have chocolate which is toxic to dogs. You know what I told Milo?? I said Milo, you only get one trip to the DICU per year so you better just walk this off and toughen up!

Later that evening while his parents went to a wedding Milo ate 2 bottles of diet coke.


If you think Milo is crazy sober you should see him on caffeine! The only way I can describe it is paranoid. He kept looking rapidly from side to side so I’m pretty sure he was having some sort of delusional episode. Michael sat him in his lap and had a conversation:

Michael: Milo.

Milo: ………….

Michael: You have cost us a lot of money

Milo:…………… (with rapid eye movements)

Michael: You ate one of my car keys, you destroyed a pair of my glasses, you cost us over a thousand dollars at the DICU.


Michael: You only cost $150. If you were a car you would be totaled.

Pee Pi’s PeePee Pad

When you adopt an “older” dog, they sometimes come with baggage; little quirks like separation anxiety or being scared of the vacuum cleaner. We once had a dog that was TERRIFIED of McDonald’s kids meal toys.

Pee Pi sucks on his wiener like a pacifier.

I haven’t actually seen him do this but Wanda described it pretty vividly. When I begged her to video it so I could put it on here she refused. Her reasoning was “What if someone finds that on my phone??? What will they think of me??” Gosh Mom, so dramatic……

My mom is freaking out about his bizarre oral behavior but I think he is just soothing himself. Not a big deal! We learn about it in med school!

Oh yeah, he also pees in the house. The irony of his new name is not lost on us and I can’t help but feel some responsibility for his urinary incontinence.

She tied a maxi-pad to his privates to solve both problems. What can I say? I have a weird family.


She’s at it again!

Last week we added another member to our ever-growing family! Pee Pi the Yorkie!!!pee pi collage

Pee Pi has a precious personality and an abnormally long tongue. And did I mention that he likes to ride in a Juicy Couture bag?? He is full of spunk but mostly just likes to sit in your lap, a perfect brother for Princess Missy. His past owner just didn’t have time for him anymore and wanted him to have a better home. Wanda to the rescue!!

He came with the name Pi but someone told my mom that for a dog to understand his name it needs to have two syllables. So now we call him Pee Pi, Petri, Apple Pie, and Pee Pee (my dad).


We are starting a collection of adopted designer-breeds! (Milo’s pocket beagle status is debatable but we’ll ignore that)