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A Thrifty Girl Outfit Post

Ya’ll know I’m poor, right?? It’s pretty much a given since I’m STILL in school and will be for the next 10 years. And yes, I do normally dress like a scrub/live in my PJs…… but every once in a while I get fancy! On the cheap!


You’re probably saying Anna, what do you mean you got those legitimate Tory Burch flats and that sassy Michael Kors purse in China?? Well let me tell you something. Those are not real. I got them off a website called iOffer that may or may not be legal but is definitely a great place to find knock offs. Those shoes cost $30! You read that right! Only ONE ZERO!!!!

tory burch


michael kors

Even the inside looks real!!!!


The best accessory to complement any outfit is a baby. My neighbor Megan will loan you hers for a nominal hourly fee! (JK…. I think)

Macy Collage

Love her….

Stress Dreams— PART TWO!!

I’m sure you all remember the time I went to Owen Wilson’s pool party. (in my dreams of course). Well, finals are coming up and my brain has been cranking out some DOOZIES!!! And guess what, this time they are all about what Milo wants to be when he grows up. Weird right?? It’s probably because he sleeps either snuggled up by my side or on my head so he is never far from my subconscious.

On SEPARATE nights, I dreamt that Milo aspired to be a senator, a nurse, and a squirrel.

I’m his mom so I say he can be whatever he wants! Also he’s already been a shark and a gangsta, so really the sky’s the limit!

stress dreams collageVOTE FOR MILO!


My aunt and I before she got sick, celebrating my birthday at a casino! (it’s a cajun thing)

My aunt (Wanda’s sister) has been sick for about 3 years. Without getting into it, the entire family (and there are a lot of us!) have been frustrated with her care and and eager for her wounds to heal. Everyone is ready for her to get back to her old, perky self, but mostly these boys!


“Granny” with her 3 beautiful grandsons.

About a month ago enough was enough and we dragged her to our medical center. I felt like she was coming to the best hospital in the world and would surely be blown away by the kind of care that WE can provide! The hospital in her small town did not meet our expectations and her well-being completely depended on a few assertive family members.

My sweet aunt went in for a routine GI procedure Monday morning and I was excited to show off “my” hospital!

They arrived at 7:30 am for the 9:30 surgery. She didn’t go into the operating room until past 11:30. Completely understand! The previous surgery ran late, there’s nothing they can do about it.

Come 2:00 pm and we are still waiting for her to come out of recovery. When they wheeled her in she told us that she had been awake and alert for over an hour and the recovery team told her that they were just waiting for a room to open up, the room that my mom and I had been sitting in. hmmm..

Next, the doctor orders a CT scan and an upper GI. We were informed that radiology was waiting on the lab results of her kidney function to make sure she could tolerate the CT contrast. HOURS later a nurse came in to say that blood had actually never been drawn, the lab wasn’t working on anything, and the scan would be further delayed.

Despite already having an IV in both wrists the next obstacle was having a third IV placed in the crook of her arm. The nurse told us that putting the contrast into her wrists may cause the tissue to become necrotic. More pain and anxiety.

At 11:00 pm the two of them headed down to radiology where it was discovered that the IV in her arm wasn’t placed correctly and the wrist was just fine for the contrast. They then waited an hour for someone to track down “something” she was to drink for the scan, only to be told actually she didn’t need it. The whole ordeal, which we were all told would be done around 3 pm, finished at 1 am.

At 7:30 am my aunt began asking for something to eat. The doctor told her that he would put in an order for food. What she didn’t understand (and how would she?) was that she herself had to pick up the phone and order it, the doctor had just given the cafeteria PERMISSION to bring her food. Two hours later a nurse explains this process to her, but didn’t show her how to go about it, and she couldn’t figure it out herself. At that point it had been over 48 hours since her last meal.

I will say that nearly everyone we encountered was kind and very personable. A nurse who found out I was in med school even introduced me to a general surgery resident to taught me sutures! I felt like a rock star!

But miscommunications and unreasonable delays like we encountered shouldn’t happen.  I was in the room when a hospital liaison came in to speak to us and I outlined her not-so-good experience. She was very receptive to our concerns and immediately promised to relay it to the unit supervisor.

I am so proud of the medical profession and I can’t wait to be a part of it! I hope I can take these experiences and use them to better myself and make my own patient interactions a little bit better.

doctor anna

Watch out world!

Stressful Sleep

I have weird dreams when I’m under stress. The night before taking my MCAT I dreamt that I had to input all of my answers into my grandma’s head. Like if I pushed a certain spot in her cranium it meant the answer choice “D”. I found this extra hilarious because by the time I entered medical school my grandma was so senile she asked me if I could deliver her babies!

Last night’s REM sleep was a doozy! It started out in the medical school elevator. I pushed a floor and it started to move but the doors didn’t close and then it turned sideways and everyone fell against the wall!

Later Michael brought me to one of his friend’s houses and it turned out to be Owen Wilson who told me he liked my swimsuit! I told Owen he should fix the elevator. Because Owen Wilson owns the school elevators. In their bathroom I found a case of Zyrtec that cost $6,500. They are so rich! We went out with the Wilson’s and luckily I had both a Kate Spade purse and a MacBook Air to prove that I was on a similar socioeconomic level.

Then I woke up.

A Royal Wedding

OK they aren’t actual royalty but they are pretty cool. Our good friends Casey and Stephanie got married last week and we had a ball celebrating with them! (Milo celebrated at home with diet coke)


Isn’t she pretty???

And check out the groom’s cake!!!




The top picture is all of the future doctors in attendance that night. I have to say we all looked pretty good…. but there is one girl who looks good EVERY SINGLE DAY and her name is Ali and I included a pic of her bottom left for your viewing pleasure. I show up to class looking a few steps up from homeless. If I’m clean it’s a good day. Ali shows up to class looking like a J Crew model! I’m seriously thinking about starting a blogging series called either “What Ali Wore” or “The Med Student who Doesn’t Wear T-shirts”.  I’m pretty sure it would be a hit.

Speaking of hits…. my dancing.


Pretty sober but completely uninhibited.


Pee Pi’s PeePee Pad

When you adopt an “older” dog, they sometimes come with baggage; little quirks like separation anxiety or being scared of the vacuum cleaner. We once had a dog that was TERRIFIED of McDonald’s kids meal toys.

Pee Pi sucks on his wiener like a pacifier.

I haven’t actually seen him do this but Wanda described it pretty vividly. When I begged her to video it so I could put it on here she refused. Her reasoning was “What if someone finds that on my phone??? What will they think of me??” Gosh Mom, so dramatic……

My mom is freaking out about his bizarre oral behavior but I think he is just soothing himself. Not a big deal! We learn about it in med school!

Oh yeah, he also pees in the house. The irony of his new name is not lost on us and I can’t help but feel some responsibility for his urinary incontinence.

She tied a maxi-pad to his privates to solve both problems. What can I say? I have a weird family.


“Say Ahhh”

I saw a patient last week who didn’t have a tongue.

Pretty soon after I began my interview I noticed that this man had a severe speech impediment. (nothing gets past Dr. PP!) We were relying on hand gestures and some writing on his part to communicate. My mind was racing!

……He has a neurological deficit…. Stroke. …Brain tumor…. Acute delirium secondary to medications….. Yeah. That sounds smart…. It’s probably that…..

Me: Can you say ahh for me?

Patient: aaaaaa

Me: Say ahh and stick out your tongue please?

Patient: aaaaaa

Me: hmmmm

……. Where is his tongue?!….. Is it somewhere in this room??…… Does he have a prosthetic tongue?….. I bet those are really expensive…..I should patent prosthetic tongues and get really rich…….

Thankfully this man was unbelievably patient and eventually explained to me that he had lost his tongue following mouth and throat cancer. Everything was smooth from then on until my attending came in the room…. and asked him to say “ahh”.


Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 12.35.47 PM