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A Thrifty Girl Outfit Post

Ya’ll know I’m poor, right?? It’s pretty much a given since I’m STILL in school and will be for the next 10 years. And yes, I do normally dress like a scrub/live in my PJs……┬ábut every once in a while I get fancy! On the cheap!


You’re probably saying Anna, what do you mean you got those legitimate Tory Burch flats and that sassy Michael Kors purse in China?? Well let me tell you something. Those are not real. I got them off a website called iOffer that may or may not be legal but is definitely a great place to find knock offs. Those shoes cost $30! You read that right! Only ONE ZERO!!!!

tory burch


michael kors

Even the inside looks real!!!!


The best accessory to complement any outfit is a baby. My neighbor Megan will loan you hers for a nominal hourly fee! (JK…. I think)

Macy Collage

Love her….

Marital Discord

Michael and I have been having a few fights lately. They mainly focus on whether or not Milo should wear clothes. The answer is a very obvious YES because

  1. He gets cold, and
  2. he looks abnormally fashionable




I would even go so far as to say he needs MORE clothes! It even has an unexpected benefit – his sweaters calm him down thunder-shirt style! Win/win for humanity.

What does everyone else think? More sweaters or should I branch out with some evening wear?

America’s Next Top Model

If there was a version of this show for dogs, Milo would hands-down win. It wouldn’t even be a fair contest. If he was even a little bit well-behaved I would take him for modeling and/or acting jobs! Watch out Lassie!

But as of now, he bites. Total liability.

Profile. Handsome and dignified.

Fierce! Really connecting with the camera!


Sensual side!