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Noodle Nirvana

Yesterday Michael had a softball game (go TEAM PRIME TIME!) which meant that little Milo was left alone for a few hours. This resulted.

ramen 2

What are those?! Maggots?? Fluorescent ants??

NO. Ramen noodles.

He ate 4 packages.

ramen 1

I don’t know why 1 package didn’t satisfy him…. but judging from the empty seasoning packages his noodles were not without flavor.

So that’s good.

Sperry Savagery

So this happened yesterday……




Per usual I counted to 10 to calm down and than attempted to have a reasonable conversation with him. I don’t know why I bother! Initially he looked remorseful but then I realized he was just waiting for another taste.


Ya sorry?



But guess what. THE JOKES ON YOU MILO!!!! My left foot is now extraordinarily comfortable without its back! I like my new slip on! HA!



Pee Pi’s PeePee Pad

When you adopt an “older” dog, they sometimes come with baggage; little quirks like separation anxiety or being scared of the vacuum cleaner. We once had a dog that was TERRIFIED of McDonald’s kids meal toys.

Pee Pi sucks on his wiener like a pacifier.

I haven’t actually seen him do this but Wanda described it pretty vividly. When I begged her to video it so I could put it on here she refused. Her reasoning was “What if someone finds that on my phone??? What will they think of me??” Gosh Mom, so dramatic……

My mom is freaking out about his bizarre oral behavior but I think he is just soothing himself. Not a big deal! We learn about it in med school!

Oh yeah, he also pees in the house. The irony of his new name is not lost on us and I can’t help but feel some responsibility for his urinary incontinence.

She tied a maxi-pad to his privates to solve both problems. What can I say? I have a weird family.


My Dog Ate My Homework

 OK it isn’t actual homework but it is my behavioral science syllabus.

And I’ll admit, I’ve been wanting to do the same thing to it for the past few hours but I was planning on withholding until after the test. Isn’t it ironic that my neurotic dog destroyed my notes on psychiatric illness?? Yes.

Many of you have expressed annoyance concern about how naughty my dog is. I’m starting to think that I’ve developed some sort of defense or coping mechanism to keep myself from recognizing how bad he can sometimes be. I would diagnose myself with something but I can’t, because Milo ate my notes. Denial would probably be in the differential.

Maybe Milo is suffering from oppositional defiant disorder or some form of separation anxiety? Again, not sure, I “lost” my notes.

I’ve gotten quite a few suggestions for doggie behavior readjustment:

  • Kennel
  • Water bottle
  • Boarding School
  • Muzzle
  • Lobotomy
  • Sedation
  • Heavy anti-psychotics
  • Cesar Millan

While I highly value these suggestions I must remind you all that several of these are beyond our financial means because of an unexpected trip to the DICU.

Still loved.