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Stress Dreams— PART TWO!!

I’m sure you all remember the time I went to Owen Wilson’s pool party. (in my dreams of course). Well, finals are coming up and my brain has been cranking out some DOOZIES!!! And guess what, this time they are all about what Milo wants to be when he grows up. Weird right?? It’s probably because he sleeps either snuggled up by my side or on my head so he is never far from my subconscious.

On SEPARATE nights, I dreamt that Milo aspired to be a senator, a nurse, and a squirrel.

I’m his mom so I say he can be whatever he wants! Also he’s already been a shark and a gangsta, so really the sky’s the limit!

stress dreams collageVOTE FOR MILO!

In Case of Emergency:

My dream (delusion?) of becoming rich and famous yesterday didn’t work out so I had to take the epi final.

My desperate Facebook plea for support.

It really wasn’t that bad except that it had math on it and I forgot how to do math. Fractions are hard!

I’ve been scouring the blogging world for inspiration and I discovered this thing called “guest blogging”. It seems to be the cool thing to do and I’m always trying to keep up with the latest trends. Remember that time I was a hipster?? Anyway, I love having guests so here is my friend Katy (of assessssssories)  telling us about her goals in life. Do your thang girl!

I wanna be famous too!

We learned in Behavioral Science this block about Defense Mechanisms, and while I’m sure I have loads of them, I think my most prominent Defense Mechanism is Avoidance. If something is stressing me out, like studying for block, I tuck it in a little box and throw that box into the deepest darkest ocean to never be seen again. And it usually works out just fine….

Well, that is until that stressor morphs into a slimy, deadly sea creature and comes after me like Grendal’s Mother for some revenge. I usually then end up pulling all-nighter after all-nighter trying to appease the sea-creature and Learn All The Things for block exams.
This Block has been particularly stressful for me as I had to balance being a Gross Anatomy pedagogue, contracting the Plague from Anna, learning things for seven classes and watching Honey Boo Boo. SO, me being the Avoider that I am, I thought the best way to deal with being royally behind in all my classes would be to fly to Colorado for a completely unnecessary medical conference the weekend before tests started.

There were physicians at this conference who are so well known and respected in their field that any and all behavior was completely tolerated. That is now my life goal…to be so good at my job that I can do the following things:
1) Drunkenly stand on a couch in the middle of a hotel suite and teetering demand everyone huddle around me so we can take a group photo…and have everyone in the room immediately comply.
2) Demand the students from my school sing the school song, loudly, so that they are the most embarrassed they could possibly be.
3) Say the following, “Texas, listen up! You will be there at this time and dance the Gangam Style dance like you mean it, or you’re dead to me.” And then indeed get all the med students from my state to dance the gangam style in front of med students from every other state in the union just because I wish it to be so.
4) Wear a cowboy hat made of Coors Lite boxes around a fancy hotel, and have no one question why.
5) Promise 25+ students that I will open a tab for them at the bar, “forget” my credit card, and successfully convince another physician to step up and pay for it all.
Now, if I can just stop creating all these sea-creatures with my avoidance stress I might just be able get through med school and pull this particular dream off!
Katy, don’t we all have those same dreams??